Rikk Agnew, London May, James McGearty, Devix

SYMBOLISM was formed by legendary punk icons Rikk Agnew (Guitar -Adolescents, Christian Death, DI), James McGearty (Bass - Christian Death, Dark Age), and London May (Drums - Samhain, Tiger Army, Son Of Sam) in April 2018. Devix joined the trio as lead vocalist in 2019 to complete the line-up.

SYMBOLISM effortlessly combines the group's inherent influences, blending the best elements of Gothic Deathrock, aggressive Punk Rock, and a touch of melodic metal to achieve their unique style and sound. 

Produced by Vice Cooler (Peaches, LadyTron) 

Engineered and Mastered by Bill Metoyer (Slayer, D.R.I) 


Press / Reviews

SYMBOLISM revive the spirit of the early CHRISTIAN DEATH in a modern version.” - Guntram Pintgen

Ox Fanzine

"Although Symbolism builds on two of the best bands to ever emerge from the American underground they are in no way tethered to the past. The past is a launching point, not a destination. 'Rile On' is first-rate American deathrock for the 21st century, a bitter salve for the collective wounds we all feel in this strange postmodern world.”” - Justin M. Norton

Decibel Magazine

Symbolism are as thrilling and atmospheric as you might imagine and ‘as powerful as anaphylactic shock’” - Dan Volohov

Louder Than War

Sometimes the stars align in an unusual configuration that defies logic, but results in a celestial event so cataclysmic that it simply must be marveled.” - Ilker Yücel

ReGen Magazine

Giants Of Dark Music Return With A Vengeance” - Jaime Pina

Punk Globe

Iced out is sulphurous, sick, aggressive, with sinister atmospheres and primitive rhythms...” - Max Zarucchi

Humans vs Robots

Symbolism maximize their deathrock sound and temperament from the start, first off with an authentic, punchy punk rocker, and with an esteemed version of definitive cut from their past.”

Darkenin Heart

The band comes forth with a very punchy, expectable take on raw gothic rock, deathrock and gritty punk” - Stace


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